Don’t let summer go by without trying Merlet’s C2 Citron and Cognac [classic article]

In your mind, do you associate drinking cognac with sitting by a fire in a wingback chair during cold weather, possibly a cigar in hand. I used to! That is, until recently, when I was given the opportunity to try Merlet’s C2 Citron and Cognac Liqueur. describes it like this: A blend of VSOP Cognac with macerated lemon and lime peels. Lots of citrus, particularly key lime, on the nose, with little hint at what else lies beneath. As you sip, the smooth, vanilla-inflected Cognac character comes across, but it’s whisked away quickly by a big, tart, lemon finish.

I sampled it with a couple of family members and this is what we found:

It has a very light lemon nose, very natural, plus a bit of a grape-like scent. Flavor-wise, it’s brighter, but not candy-like. It’s very drinkable! There’s some sweetness, with a full, rich mouth feel.

There’s a light alcohol effect, but it’s not burning or harsh. Instead, there are pronounced honey flavors. Very smooth!

Because of the light sweetness and lemon flavors, this is a great drink at the close of a summer evening. Try it, sitting on your porch one evening soon!

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