Conveniently clean and cute while traveling: Burt’s Bees towelettes[classic article]

When traveling in the sticky, summer heat, about your only hope for feeling fresh and preventing breakouts is to have something you can use right on the spot at any time. Bonus if it doesn’t count against your 3-1-1 carry-on travel bag and doesn’t leak. Burt’s Bees has come up with the answer: towelettes. I was glad to be hosted to experience them!

One size doesn’t fit all skins and Burt’s Bees has several different towelettes for each type of skincare need. The facial cleaning towelette with white tea is a good place to start for most. It has a light, refreshing white tea/honey scent. The 10 pack fits into even smaller handbags or a big jacket pocket. Definitely unisex!

It will take off makeup and you can even use it around your eyes. It looks no more different than a handkerchief, so I say you can use it on planes and at hot summer fests.

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