Elegant, MD created natural skin/suncare for travelers: Goldfaden MD [classic article]

Travelers want — and deserve! — it all: healthy skincare and sun-care ingredients, with the technology that’s doctor-created. Finally, fir the first time, there’s Goldfaden MD to the rescue! I was happy to be hosted to experience it.

Think about traveling to hot climates and being on airplanes. The dryness, even if you think you have oily skin, ages you.

His products are perfectly sized for 3-1-1 carry-on travel bags.

Many of the products have red tea extract, which is a new skin powerhouse!

Sun Visor is a very fluid spray, oil-free and light. I will say that the container is a thinner plastic and if you drop the bottle on a hard surface, all the fluid runs out. Exercise caution while packing. You will enjoy that this sun protectant doesn’t feel goopy.

Wake Up Call is a lotion consistency product in a pump bottle that you use at night and if you need some more hydration, you can wear it in theI day! It dries down instantly to a smooth finish, so you should have no problem applying makeup over it. It has CoQ10, retinol, avocado oil, Vitamin E, grapeseed oil, organic red tea extract, alpha lipoic acid. These are well-researched skin goodies.

Remember when you were taught “don’t put eye cream on your eyelids”? Well, now you can. Bright Eyes is used twice a day — convenient for travelers, since one product goes day and night. It’s anti-aging, plus gets rid of the “puffs”! It has a silky consistency, so let it dry before using makeup. It has soy peptide, rice bran extract, Vitamin K, organic red tea, jojoba oil, seaweed extract, arnica tincture extract, apricot kernel oil.

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