Cincinnati’s donut temptation: Holtman’s, since 1960 [classic article]

I usually try to stay away from the big national chain donut place for a couple of reasons. First of all, my sugar’s high enough, thanks. Secondly, I often seem to have an incident in them, frequently involving managers and sometimes involving the police. Wrong orders, missing change, overcharging . . . I swear, I’m gonna end up on YouTube someday. And after all that ruckus, the product isn’t very impressive.

So, I had nearly forgotten what a donut tastes like when I was tempted into trying Holtman’s donuts at their Over the Rhine location in Cincinnati. That’s some really good eating, I’ll tell you. Crunchy outside, tender inside, not too sweet. The shop smells like you’ve gone to heaven in this funky place with exposed brick, wooden pull-out stools and long, plank tables.

It just goes to show you that something done well, can be done simply: no hybrid desserts, not a trend . . . the place has been in business in another location since 1960. It’s my understanding that for decades in Cincinnati, this is what you bring into work to impress the boss.

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