Traveling this season and greeting folks with kisses? Let Phytomer help you out! [classic article]

When you’re traveling during the holidays, no doubt you’ll be greeted by kisses and kissing people yourself. That goes all the time when you travel to Europe. But airplane cabins, outdoor activities, drinking adult beverages, eating salty food on breakfast buffets or at cocktail parties can all contribute to having parched lips . . . thus, yucky kisses.

Thankfully, there’s Phytomer to the rescue! I’m very glad to have been hosted to experience it. They have a few products to help fix your pucker. I know that “they” always write about scrubbing your lips with toothbrushes and petroleum jelly, but that’s a bad idea for several reasons. It’s too harsh for the delicate lip tissue and the jelly dissolves the natural oils in your skin — just like eye makeup remover does — and then they can be wiped away.

I tried a duo of Exfoliating Radiance Gel and Plumping Nourishing Balm. The gel is a delicate gelled scrub that gets rid of flaky patches. This is what they say about it:

Exfoliating Radiance Gel gently scrubs away dead skin using a combination of mild exfoliants, including marine Porphyra Conchocelis Powder. It revives the lips’ natural color with the help of Delesseria Sanguinea Extract, and accentuates their radiance.

The balm is an unusual lip treatment product, in that it leaves a smooth, dry-satin texture to the lips. That means, you can use makeup right away and it won’t interfere with its application. This is what they say about it:

Plumping Nourishing Balm offers true lip comfort. Dictyopteris Oil restores volume, while beads of hyaluronic acid help fill in and smooth out unsightly wrinkles.

Here’s a little something about me . . . I’ve been collecting makeup articles from magazines since the late ’70’s. I have this article about lip color application from the early ’80’s, when women with more diverse looks like Nastassja Kinski and Clio Goldsmith — and fuller lips — pushed thin lipped models like Cheryl Tiegs off the covers. I remember as a teen trying to achieve the full lipped looks of this article, but it didn’t work out. The reason I recall this article now, is that the treatment really did bring out the volume, color and shape in my lips! I immediately remembered the article.

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