Kitchen, picnic winner-take-all: Nite Ize GearTie [classic article]

Young chefs don’t innovate by happenstance . . . they think outside the box! Whether they roll up to their gigs on motorcycles or cater to luxe glamping treehouses, they’re using equipment that you haven’t thought of — that’s for sure!

Here’s a fantastic idea to keep in your kitchen, with a bare minimum of space needed . . . I was just reading about those under 400 sq. ft NYC apartments where every inch counts. Even they (especially they) need Nite Ize GearTie! I was happy to be hosted to experience it.

They’re strong, flexible rubberized wires that can be shaped however you need and are completely reusable. That’s ecologically sound, thinking of upcoming Earth Day. They come in several bright neon and dark colors, to easily see in all environments.

So, what can you do with them in a kitchen or outdoor cooking setting? If you’re anything like I am, you have lots of cooking equipment with wires going every which way. Don’t let them wander over to a hot stove — we ruined a hand-blender that way! Easily tie up coffee pot wires, hand-blenders, ice crusher machine wires, spice grinders, etc. Run out of zippered plastic bags? No problem! Take a grocery store plastic bag — if your city hasn’t outlawed them yet — twist it tightly and tie with a GearTie.

Think of your camping and picnic needs! Tie bags together, so you don’t forget anything. Tie cutlery together. Attach spoons to your Thermos. Grilling gear never needs to be misplaced.

Here’s an ingenious use we discovered at home: tying light plastic cups in the dishwasher! Take a few and create a web over them, so they don’t flip over and fill with water.


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