Create magical cocktails and more: Potions by Freya [classic article]

In Molly Wellman’s book, Handcrafted Cocktails: The Mixologist’s Guide to Classic Drinks for Morning, Noon & Night, cocktails have a history of being created for enticing, healing and bringing mirth. The classic ones had little drops of secret bitters, tinctures and other potions to deepen flavors. How to take your cocktails to an elevated, unique level with depth of flavor and depth of meaning? Now there’s Potions by Freya, an Etsy shop. I was happy to be hosted to experience it!

As with any Etsy shop, there’s a real person behind the (laptop) screen, so at any time some items may not be available at all times . . . but you can’t beat the convenience of having everything sent right to your door.

Elderberry-licorice tincture still has a mild flavor — you only use a few drops in tea, water, juice, a hot toddy, what have you. It’s made to be a help when you have a sore throat.

Orange Peel Bitters and Wild Cherry Bitters are ways to add that little special something to your drinks. Combine them if you like, for that flavor popularized by the Old Fashioned cocktail. They’re hand-crafted, not some corporate creation. Everything is made to order by Freya Renee, for “Magical Beauty and Health”.

While you’re sipping on your potions, there are products for your outside, too! Good Fortune Oil comes in a clear roll-on . . . perhaps anoint your place settings with it. “Latrina fizzies” are an ingenious invention: you can use them in the shower for a scented experience without having to scrub the tub!

The Deep Conditioning Hair Mask is very rich: I like it best as a pre-treatment.

Getting back to your mouth, there are healing and enchanted lip balms made with all natural, edible ingredients.

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