What to eat for gorgeous skin, hair, nails: NeoCell [classic article]

Let’s face it: you’re not gonna be able to eat everything you need to be beautiful every single day. Because you aren’t, nothing you put on yourself topically is as good as consuming the nutrients you need. There are lots of dietary trends out there — believe me, I’ve tried the green smoothies, the carrot juices, bone broths, water additives. They take time and planning, which we often can’t manage. Fortunately, there’s NeoCell to the rescue! I was happy to be hosted to experience it.

NeoCell creates flavored chews and capsule supplements that boost the protein components — like biotin, collagen — in your body, as well as their complementary vitamins, like Vitamin C. Models are always talking about taking biotin supplements. These are the building blocks for hair, nails, even skin cell reproduction. They are gluten, soy free.

The chews are taffy-like in texture and flavor, in such varieties as Chocolate-Mint, Super Fruit Punch, Brazilian Acai Berry. They don’t seem like supplements!

The capsules for things like Keratin Hair Volumizer and Collagen Beauty Builder are easy to swallow. You take 2 twice daily. Hey, that’s not a lot: I was just reading this week in Financial Times about some Silicone Valley dude who used to take 250 pills a day! Now he’s “down to” 100.

Here’s what they say about it:

NeoCell’s new Collagen Beauty Builder™ counteracts the loss of elasticity in the skin, thinning hair, and brittle nails that are the result of diminished collagen levels in the body. This nutrient rich formulation provides the body with its potent beauty building essentials. The boost of Super Collagen™ activates cell regeneration while the hyaluronic acid retains moisture and sustain skin elasticity, and the Silica and Biotin provide growth and vitality.

NeoCell’s new Keratin Hair Volumizer™ is an all-natural solution for strong, lustrous, and thick healthy hair that starts from the inside. The new Keratin Hair Volumizer derived from its signature ingredient, Cynatine® HNS, a patented form of solubilized keratin that is a clinically proven ingredient crucial for hair luster and strength. Additionally, with Hydrolyzed Super Collagen™, Amla Extract and Vitamin C, these three beauty nutrients work together to build beautiful hair from the inside out.

So, the most important thing is, do they work? I have been taking them for a couple of weeks now and even in that short a period of time, I’m having to file my nails more frequently and I feel like I need to get my bangs trimmed. Also, I got a nasty sunburn going to the Orioles game and my skin is healing more rapidly than I would have expected. So, there you have it!

NeoCell is available at mass retail drugstores everywhere

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