Gatlinburg, Tn’s Smoky Mountain Brewery: artisan beer, tasty food [classic article]

There’s something about being outside in the mountain air that puts you in the mood for a beer. Gatlinburg, Tennessee is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the U.S. and the Great Smoky Mountains are stunning. It’s good to know that when the mood strikes, you can get great artisan beer and food that stands up to the handcrafted beverages at Smoky Mountain Brewery. I was very happy to be able to try it!

Some microbreweries zoom in on one style or type of beer, with a couple of others done haphazardly. Smoky Mountain Brewery makes a bunch of different beers on site, taking great pride in them all:


Mountain Light

A pale, light-bodied, American style lager. Refreshing and low in carbs and calories. Crisp, clean and delicately hopped.

Velas Helles

Continental style lager enjoyed throughout Europe. Less hoppy than Pilsner and very drinkable. Light color. Balanced with Bavarian hops.

Cherokee Red Ale

Medium bodied and well balanced amber ale with a slight fruity note. Inspired by the “Red” ales of Ireland.

Thunder Road Pilsner

Honey colored lager infused with the famous Czech Saaz hops. Full hop flavor and aroma while maintaining a balanced hop bitterness.

Tuckaleechee Porter

Dark ale with a chewy, roasty character derived from the use of caramel and dark roasted malts. I was most pleased with this beer, both with a steak and as a outstanding beer to drink on its own. You might not drink a bunch at a time, but it really stands out.

Black Bear Ale

English style brown ale with a deep, chestnut color. Low hopping rate and light carbonation. Rich, malty-sweet finish. Touch of roastiness.

Appalachian Pale Ale

A hoppy, dry ale featuring a fantastic bouquet of Cascade hops. Deep gold in color with a tight, snow white head and pronounced hop flavor.

Windy Gap Wheat Beer

Refreshing light ale. Extra smooth from the contribution of 50% malted wheat. Light gold in color. Naturally cloudy with a veil of brewer’s yeast.


Winter Warmer (Winter)

Rich, creamy strong ale. In the tradition of an English “Olde Ale”. Slightly nutty, fruity, flavor notes.

Capricator Bock (Spring)

A strong, German style dark lager. Sweet, malty finish with a touch of roasted malt. Rich, creamy, bittersweet chocolate note.

Harvest Fest Lager (Autumn)

Amber lager modeled after the famous beer of the Munich Oktoberfest. Balanced with Bavarian hops and extremely drinkable.


Tall Ship IPA

Complex, hoppy British style pale ale. Unfiltered and dry-hopped for a cask-like flavor.

Brown Trout Stout

Smooth, black ale with a creamy nitrogenized conditioning and 8 different malts.

Kilt Tilter Scottish Ale

Robust, amber ale with a slightly smoky, nutty flavor profile. Finished with Fuggle hops.

Smoky Mountain Brewery’s menu isn’t just limited to bar food to comply with local liquor laws. They do have recipes incorporating their beers and you can get a tasty steak: Brewery “Ale” Steak is their signature sirloin marinated in Cherokee Red Ale, olive oil, mustard and garlic. Finished with Worcestershire butter. So, the butter has an A-1 type of complimenting style flavor-wise, along with adding richness. The Cherokee Red Ale adds zing. The seasonings had a good balance — somebody in the kitchen has definitely got good control at the pass.

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