Beer fruit cocktail? Yes, at Columbus’ World of Beer [classic article]

When you’re hitting the road this summer, checking out the West or the historic ties of the Baltimore and Ohio neighborhood, you’re bound to get thirsty. If you like Max’s Taphouse in Baltimore, you’ve got to check out Columbus’ World of Beer! They’ve got 500 beers from all over the planet.

The building is in the historic brewery district, in a location that reminds you about the type of places beers were made 100 years ago. The menu is divided into drafts and bottled beers, then further into localities. There are lots of tasty Ohio beers in a full range of styles. If you’re homesick for our local and regional beers, they’ve got Heavy Seas, Flying Dog and Dogfish Head.

They also have an unusual mixed drink (beer) menu that includes but goes far beyond the traditional Black and Tan. The Fruit Cocktail is a Hefe-Weizen topped with raspberry Lambic and blueberry wheat Interestingly enough, they don’t serve food themselves — but they maintain a list of restaurants who are willing to deliver food to your World of Beer table.

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