Get that starlet look instantly with Divatress lace front wigs: perfect for ethnic hair styles

Have you ever driven past a braiding-weaving hair salon late at night and saw people still in chairs, getting their ‘do painstakingly done for hours on end? Or maybe, that was you! You may be wondering about hair pieces that you can work with yourself.

Why wear a wig?

There’s also a lot that goes into getting those styles featured on television celebrities and magazine/film stars! You’ve probably realized the true costs of coloring, straightening, twisting, braiding and doing tight weaves on your own natural tresses! Not only does it take so much of your time initially, but it requires frequent maintenance, especially if you don’t want to seem like you’ve “let yourself go”. The chemicals used to create dramatic looks actually can ruin your natural hair. If they damage the follicles and scalp, the results can be permanent!

Also, sadly, some folks are recovering from chemotherapy, surgeries or other medical issues that have caused their hair to fall out. This can be terribly destructive to one’s self-esteem. Further, hair loss — especially for women — can have catastrophic effects on your career and social life. Even your identity — “I’m a blonde,” “I’ll be the one in the long braids,” “She never has a hair out of place,” — can vanish instantly with impending baldness.

So, what’s a gal to do to stay fashionable?

Fortunately, there’s a place to get chic, glamorous hair at an affordable price, easily online with complete privacy: Divatress lace front wigs! I was happy to be given the opportunity to learn about them; all opinions are my own.

Advantages of a lace front wig:

Instead of being constructed on a rubberized cap — think swimming cap or a clown’s shock wig — individual strands are woven on a (practically) invisible lace net, generally made to appear like hair, to give the appearance of follicles growing out of your scalp — the way they would in nature. This helps you avoid the “stuck a mop on your head look”!

Also, because lace netting is more breathable, you’ll feel much more comfortable! This is a much better bet, especially in the heat and humidity of summer. It’s said that with a high quality wig glue or wig tape, you can keep a lace front wig on for up to two weeks!

Divatress has wigs with the highest quality materials, including ones made from highly coveted human hair. They have styles inspired by divas like Vivica A. Fox, stars of Motown, Empire and more, in a wide range of natural looking colors.

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