Is it skincare or cosmetic? Fantastically, Veil Sunset Light is both: a review

In the summer, paring down to the most perfect cosmetics and skincare makes complete sense. First of all, with all the fun in the sun to be had, you’ll want to keep primping time to a dull roar. Also, if the weather where you live is hot and/or humid, it’s a nasty look when your makeup slides or cracks. Not cute! What you want is a product that does double, triple, even quadruple duty. You’ll wonder where Veil Sunset Light has been all of your life! I was happy to be hosted to experience it.

First, the name. Why is it named after a time of day? Well, you know that glow you have when the sun is heading down? Think of the orange-blush color reflection on your face. Imagine the highlights of your bone structure: light and glow, without glitter. With the softer light, imperfections are downplayed.

So, what it it? It’s a primer/serum/mixing base and other artistry tool all rolled into one. It’s a rosy peach, silicone-rich lotion that pumps out. It’s light and fluid in its consistency, drying instantly, without adding any weight or layers. The makeup you apply on top won’t pill, which you rarely can say about any other silicone based primers. Your skin will have a smooth, but not moist, finish. You won’t feel sweaty or sticky in the heat! The lightest, faintest tint will work for any skin tone or ethnicity.

It’s also a luxurious skincare product. Serums are popular with dermatologists, makeup artists, etc., because their benefits are concentrated and results are fairly immediate. Sunset light has white water lily extract for brightening, anti-aging peptides, cinnamon to plump and smooth — just like your favorite lip plumpers — and sodium hyaluronate to help retain moisture. Silicone helps sooth and smooth, too.

They suggest mixing it with their Complexion Fix concealer for a customized BB cream. Also, you can improve your foundation — maybe you like the color, but not so much the consistency — by mixing some on the back of your hand with Sunset Light, to gain a more controllable, spreadable product. They also suggest using it to refine any cream cosmetic. Think of your too-bright, too-deep or unworkable cream blushes: you can take them down to a tint. Sometimes, highlighter comes off a little chalky, a little “Tin Man”. Make them the subtle, fool the eye into thinking you have razor sharp cheekbones naturally sheen, the way highlighter was meant to be. You want to look chiseled and young, but not like you’re trying too hard!

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