Season’s best: Farmer Jones Farm Market

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit Farmer Lee Jones‘ farm and farm market in Huron, Ohio. Farm mornings start early, so as to feed and water the animals. Farmer Lee Jones is a vegetable farmer, but also raises chickens to supply eggs for his Culinary Vegetable Institute, turkeys and horses to pull sleighs during Christmas.

His Belgian draft horses are bossy!

Earlier this year, his family barn that held his market burned, along with vintage farm vehicles and sleighs. It was devastating to lose the irreplaceable heirlooms. Farmer Lee Jones has built another structure to continue the market, open at certain weekend times. This is where you can get delicious and one-of-a-kind gifts, including wooden cutting and charcuterie boards made from trees on the property, that a neighbor has carved to raise funds in rebuilding.

The market, even in the “off season”, holds lots of special events, including live music, healthy eating seminars, cooking demos and classes to learn about special ingredients.

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