Eat in the shadow of FDR history: The Prince Cafe at Canada’s Roosevelt Campobello International Park

On a Canadian island between Maine and New Brunswick is Roosevelt Campobello International Park, jointly run by Canada and the United States. Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s parents owned a cottage where the family escaped the heat in summers. Right next door, in the historic Prince Cottage, is The Prince Cafe. They serve light breakfast all day and lunch in a lovely ambiance. Because the park is jointly run by both nations, they accept both Canadian and US dollars, as well as credit/debit cards.

It was a lovely day, so I selected a table outside on the porch, overlooking the Passamaquoddy Bay.

For a starter, I tried the New Brunswick style of a popular comfort food, lobster dip. It has big lobster pieces, cream cheese and cheddar cheese, served with nacho chips. It’s well seasoned and because it’s so very fresh, it works well. You may have experienced recipes incorporating cooked lobster in the hinterlands, which frankly, just doesn’t compare. It’s certainly large enough to share.

Now, on a warm day, nobody would fault you for having something simple and cool, like a fresh salad or salad. But, in my capacity here, I wanted to try something that involved a bit more “cheffiness”. So, I tried the Lobster Stew. Look how they describe it! “Caught here in the bay by local fishermen, large pieces of lobster in a cream and butter stew. All soup bowls are served with baking powder biscuits.” Are you thinking, “Great flavor profile, but sounds a little much for summer,”? Well, it’s not goopy or heavy. It was a tasty, light and creamy soup with a little cayenne seasoning on top. The natural flavors came through. Biscuits help you get out the very last drop!

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