Gentlemen & Gentleladies: be beautiful, give beautifully with 18.21 Man Made

It’s officially fall and the holidays are practically upon us. Guys can be hard to buy for! I think so, at least. I don’t have any brothers or male cousins and I went to a women’s college. When I was 13, I was invited to my first co-ed birthday party — at a brand new school, to boot — and I needed to bring a gift for the birthday boy. My folks were stumped. They came up with the idea of sending me with a $10 bill to the mall record store. “Ask the salesman there to find a popular rock album.” I wasn’t allowed to listen to rock music at that point in my life. I didn’t even have an idea of any band names. The record store guy sent me off with an AC/DC record . . . 5 other girls came with the very same. I’m sure at that time I thought there was a guy named A.C. DC or something.

Instead, be confident of giving your favorite guy a present that’s luxurious, sexy, cute, affordable — and gals, there’s a lot for you to like, too! 18.21 Man Made is an upscale men’s grooming line. I was happy to be hosted to experience it!

The product line is inspired by Prohibition-era speakeasies and clever camouflage of spirits. I also think it has a Old West vibe about it, too.

They encourage men to carefully select the fragrance for their grooming products, to intriguingly stand out in a crowd, not blend in. That’s like the most ancient, primitive of science concepts! Scent is said to be our first sense and it’s how we pick mates. It almost seems like you should be spending more time picking your fragrance than working on your resume’, right?

The Book of Good Grooming gift set comes in 5 different scents. I tried Volume 1, packaged to look like a large volume book with the goodies hidden inside. This volume is their original scent, Sweet Tobacco. They describe it as “saffron, dark-toned vanilla and tobacco”. To my nose, the two products have slightly different, but complimentary scents.

The black Detox Bar has charcoal to draw out impurities. They suggest it for acne on your face and body. I also say that it’s good when you feel like you’re about to break out, when your complexion is looking a little muddy and clogged. It’s also moisturizing, so you won’t experience tightness and your skin won’t have that parched, taut look that’s common after using products geared for troubles. I experienced a dark honey, woody scent.

Man Made Wash is a super multi-tasker: it can be used as shampoo, conditioner, for hair, beards and body. It has an ultra, ultra luxe fragrance. To me, it so closely resembles one of my favorite scents that I own, a men’s EDP by a 100 year old design house with interlocking initials and this particular scent has a name that indicates a strong sense of self esteem. I love using it in the fall and winter. I picked up on the wash’s spice, vanilla and tobacco notes. It’s not foamy or bubbly — rather, it has a silky consistency. It certainly makes for a great and close shaving liquid.

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