Clean and green makeup removal with Erase Your Face

Lots of people liked the idea of disposable cleansing cloths — when they hadn’t become dehydrated. Then, they started clogging up septic systems and the landfills . . . by the millions. Makes that little makeover seem a lot less cute, huh? Now there’s a washable cloth that takes off everything, just by adding a little warm water! Erase Your Face by Danielle (part of that appealing company, Upper Canada Soap and Candle Makers) is a game changer. I was happy to be hosted to experience it.

This is a baby-soft cloth that you machine wash ahead of the first use. Seriously, with just a swoop, I was able to take off layers of makeup and mascara and they don’t contain synthetic makeup removers! All you have to do is wet them. They’re superior to any regular washcloth I’ve ever used.

They come in different color and quantity configurations, great for any decor. You should definitely keep some in guest bathrooms, too — so your guests don’t wreck your bath towels.

Green and superior. Now that beautiful!

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