Renew your beauty and spirit this spring with Deborah Lippmann

This spring promises to be a chrysalis unlike any in history. Not only will vaccines free us to live free and expressive lives, but during the past several months, people have learned a lot about themselves and their place in the world. Soon, we will be seeing our loved ones again and we’ll want to be clean and fresh and pretty. To that end, Deborah Lippmann has some brand shiny new products to bring out the gorgeous butterfly in us! I was happy to be hosted to experience it.

With the harsh weather that much of the US has been experiencing, you probably have painfully chapped lips. Deborah Lippman has a new, very effective way to battle that: The Cure – CBD Lip Balm. This is a vegan jumbo-sized stick with CBD isolate, fruit oils and nut butters. With an alluring and natural vanilla cake fragrance, this is a soft textured balm that easily strokes across even the flakiest lips. It’s silky and non-waxy. You can easily apply any lipstick over it, too.

Deborah Lippmann has introduced a special 6-piece nail color set that is a beautiful tribute to these times: Love Wins Gel Lab Pro Color. Think of these as the new pastels, the new neutrals, for 2021. First, the shades range from an oyster-blush to a milky cafe’ au lait. There are cool colors, warmer colors and neutral ones: this set will be flattering to all skin tones. The names set the mood: Serenity, Tenderness, Imagination, Peace, Unity, Changes.

Very importantly, they’re of a ultra-high level quality that permits for a professional-looking self manicure. In the past, many polish brands’ lighter colors — even the most expensive ones — left a streaky, uneven finish. In order to achieve an opaque look, you’d have to apply so many coats, they never really dried and there was no hope but to have terrible smudges and peeling. These polishes lay down solid color from the first coat. The finish is a satin one: not matte, not glittery or shimmery. They are wearable for every occasion and with every outfit.

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