Stretch and feel good with the Chirp Wheel: as seen on Shark Tank!

Have you been stuck in the house for what feels like forever? Let me guess: your home office was cobbled out of the kitchen table or some unstructured bed pillows, maybe the sofa in the den? Even if your gym is open — and that’s a big IF — you probably don’t feel comfortable touching all the individual equipment, like stability balls.

If you’re really crunched up and in sorry shape, you might really benefit from an intermediary stage that assists your body before moving onto movement techniques like yoga, Alexander, Feldenkrais, pilates, barre work, etc. This is especially true if you’re all by yourself and have nobody to guide your body, hold you in certain positions.

The Chirp Wheel — which comes in 3 diameters — was invested in by Lori Greiner on Shark Tank. I was happy to be hosted to experience it!

The firm plastic rim is about 6 inches across and has a half inch of treaded responsive rubber around it. The wheel was conceived as a back pain relief device and is even FSA/HSA approved (!), but it’s so much more. Depending on the diameter and your strength and build, you can use them in different ways. That’s why the 3 pack really makes sense.

Unlike other fitness products, you don’t need a lot of room to use the Chirp Wheel: even a narrow hallway works great!

Unlike when you go to a gym, stare at unfamiliar equipment and shrug, going back to the no-explanation-necessary track or treadmill, Chirp provides several forms of guides and instructions, including a color pamphlet, videos and an e-book. You start out by just leaning on the wheel for a few minutes, before beginning to roll. The 12″ wheel is considered the gentlest — providing the greatest length of spinal elongation — appropriate for newbies, those out of shape, those wanting a full stretch, etc. While I’m no athlete, I found that the 10″ one fit my shape better and I had more control of it.

For a more intense roll, use the 6″ wheel. You can also roll it under legs, feet and other targeted areas. I have discovered a fantastic use for it: as support in the small of your back while seated at work. I have tried all kinds of chairs — high back, sofa — pillows, double pillows, the bed. Nothing was supportive or comfortable enough and after years, it was starting to affect the shape of my back. Having support with a little “give” seems to hold me up, even higher up the back and in my neck. How does it do that? It’s a great feeling and look.

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