When you venture out into the world, start with a gorgeous scent from Fragrance.com

So, you may have been restricted to your home and maybe venturing out to do the occasional errand for the past year. Between the social distancing, the shutdowns and winter weather, you may have let a few things go. Not only is your fridge extra convenient, but also, you probably have been subsisting off preserved, salty and carb-laden foods. Possibly, all of those sourdough bread baking experiments have you resembling a nice, round loaf. Maybe you haven’t had a haircut in forever. It just occurred to me that I haven’t been to my dry cleaner in over a year.

This week, I had to start planning a big-time meeting, an opportunity only knocks once kind of meeting. I was like, “Eeeeek!” Like you, I’m not quite feeling my old self. It was a little bit overwhelming. But then I remembered, the sense of smell is the oldest of the human senses. So, I suggest to you, set that stage entering back into the world with a gorgeous fragrance from Fragrance.com! I was happy to be hosted to experience it.

This year, even the hold-outs have gotten used to ordering products online, no? Better than heading to the mall.

The Jean Paul Gaultier Variety mini set is very popular and for good reason. Gaultier is known as “‘l’enfant terrible”. Even non-fashionistas are aware of the cone bra outfits that he created for Madonna. But Gaultier is much more complex a designer than just that kind of sexual statement. He celebrates the human form, both clothed and not, of all genders. He is both urbane and worldly. To that effect, a set that is perfectly sized and conceived for air travel shows true Gaultier flare.

Scandal Paris‘ bottle has legs kicking up as a stopper. I experienced notes of peach, cinnamon, champagne, honey and sweet flowers. Gaultier describes it as having notes of pear, honey and jasmine. Fragrantica.com describes it as a chypre-floral whose “nose” was Daphne Bugey. Wiki gives insight into chypre fragrances: “The term chypre is French for the island of Cyprus. Its connection to perfumery originated with the first composition to feature the bergamot-labdanum-oakmoss accord.” This is an effervescent scent, not heavy. It’s very feminine and it hearkens to spring.

Scandal also has legs kicking up for its bottle stopper. I experienced notes of sweet apple, light acacia honey turning to smoky musk/patchouli, but in a very, very sophisticated way. Gaultier describes this scent as fresh honey with gardenia and blood orange. Blood orange is deeply red, but more tangy than regular oranges. I would suggest this fragrance for cooler weather and nights.

La Belle has a bottle carved to look like a shapely woman’s torso. I experienced notes of vanilla, with herbal, fir tree, lemon zest. Fragrantica describes this as having pear and bergamot notes. with some including vetiver as third note and others claiming vanilla. I would say that vetiver is probably more accurate. It’s brisk, with a touch of sweetness that dries down to warm skin notes. I’d say it’s suitable for day or comfortably close encounters.

Classique has a bottle of a shapely woman’s torso wearing a frosted corset, so iconic for Gaultier. I experienced powder notes, light flowers, freshly cut grass, with light sweetness and warmth. Gaultier describes it as having notes of orange blossom, ginger, rice powder and vanilla. I would describe it as good for a party: charming, but not overstated.

This collection is so cute on dressers! It will inspire you as you’re getting ready for your big re-debut!

Guerlain is one of the oldest perfume houses in the world. Over 102 years ago, Mitsouko was created by Jacques Guerlain himself, after WWI and also, the previous pandemic. It was named for a Japanese heroine in a popular novel set during the Russo-Japanese War.

The bottle itself is an Art Nouveau piece of art on its own, designed by Georges Chevalier.

I experienced notes of exotic spices, citrus peel, musk, a hint of powder/ambergris, with a wildflower bouquet on the dry down. Guerlain describes this as a chypre with peach notes. This is not a heavy 1980s style fragrance but rather, its regal with presence. Straighten your posture, carry yourself with confidence and respect.

Though the formulation is said to have been updated over the years, Mitsouko has a gorgeous, elegant style that is worthy of a princess — you!

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