Cool new hydration for the new year: Sparkling Ice and Talking Rain Elevate

One of the best things you can start doing for yourself, to reset for the new year, nearing the end of the pandemic, reaching your health goals, is to start drinking a lot more fluids. But you really have to check labels: so many have sugars, artificial colors, weird chemicals.

When I was a little kid, I “invented” a concept: I asked my folks. “What if you had something else, like juice or something, with caffeine?” My parents frowned and replied, “There’s coffee or, I suppose, tea.” I asked, “What if people don’t like those?” They couldn’t even imagine.

Two updated beverages have the good stuff plus the zip of caffeine: Sparkling Ice and TRE – Talking Rain Elevate. I was happy to be hosted to experience them!

Sparkling Ice now has a caffeinated range, with just the right amount — you won’t feel jittery. It’s a sparkling water that has naturally sourced (from fruits, veggies) colors and flavors, but in such a teeny amount, that it’s still considered “zero sugar”. Fantastic!

Blue Raspberry flavor has a zesty raspberry dessert nose. It’s sparkling, but still thirst quenching: not too gaseous on the tongue. It’s not overly sweet, but still has that fun “blue” raspberry flavor. It’s fruity!

Strawberry Citrus has a very ripe strawberry nose. It has a multiple citrus flavor, like lemon, mandarin, then the strawberry comes out. It’s like an intensely flavored strawberry lemonade.

Raspberry has a fresh, tangy and fruity nose. It’s got a natural raspberry flavor, not too sweet.

Talking Rain Elevate is a performance water that’s suitable for everyone. It even has Vitamins A, B-12, Niacin, calcium and potassium! With 5 calories and 0 carbs, you’re not undoing your hard work.

I often spend my lunch hour doing some activity at the gym, either on a treadmill or swimming. But with that, a long day of work that stretches into the evening, the usual chores that everyone has, it can be hard to enjoy “free time”. But TRE gives a lift that makes you feel more like yourself at your best, not wiped out. This line is refreshing, not candy or soda-like. They are naturally flavored.

TRE Mango Fusion Water has a powerful raw mango and grapefruit nose. It has ripe mango flavor and silky smooth mouth-feel, but isn’t too sweet.

TRE Triple Berry has a fresh berries nose, like a spa yogurt parfait. It has light, refreshing berry flavor, not syrupy or fake.

TRE Power Punch has a citrus mixed with classic fruit punch nose, with a lightly sweet, but natural fruit punch flavor.

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