Create a sophisticated cocktail at home with Somrus cream liqueurs

You may be at home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create a marvelous good time! But having fun should be easy . . . so, put down that mortar and muddling pestle, the bowl of sourdough starter, all the other complexities you’ve taken on. No doubt, your tastes have evolved and become more soigne’ since college days of mixing up some random punch in a trash can. During these mellow fall days and upcoming holidays, make yourself a fun drink incorporating modern flavors with Somrus cream liqueurs! I was happy to be hosted to experience them.

Somrus liqueurs are made in the USA with real Wisconsin dairy cream and ancient Indian recipes influences. That means the spices and sophistication is already built in. Add an of-the-moment mixer and perhaps a (green) chilled metal straw and you’ll feel like you’ve been out to Happy Hour! When you do head out, Somrus is served at fun and chic bars, restaurants all over.

Somrus Chai was formerly known as “Somrus Original”, in case you’ve seen that. All natural cardamom, almond, turmeric and saffron are enhanced with cream and Caribbean rum. Straight, I tasted that it’s creamy, but well-seasoned. This is a much more elevated chai flavor than you may have experienced at chain coffee stores. The alcohol tingle also adds fun. I mixed it with chilled, prepared Cold Brew for their “Iced Dirty Chai Latte”. It’s not too sweet — really refreshing. This drink is perfect for all seasons, great for sipping out on your porch after work.

They recommend serving Somrus Chai chilled, mixed with black tea, in your favorite cocktail, dessert or boozy milkshake. It would make a fantastic after-dinner drink on Thanksgiving!

Somrus Coffee has rich coffee and chicory notes, which is a popular flavor profile in New Orleans. It also incorporates real Wisconsin dairy cream and Caribbean rum. This drink is inspired by the South Indian drink “kaapi”, with the same etymological root as “coffee”. It is said to have its origins in the 1500s, following a pilgrimage to Mecca. Today, it denotes a filtered coffee beverage.

Straight, it has a nicely sweetened coffee flavor — not too milky. It’s rich, with an alcoholic kick. They recommend making a “Caffe M-Oat-Cha” with chocolate oat milk: it still has a grown-up taste, not too sweet. Throw in a few ice cubes for an easy cocktail. You can also use it to kick up ice cream!

Somrus Mango reminds me of the perfectly ripened mangos I bought at the farm stand this summer and made into smoothies. They use Alphonso mangos, known as “the king of mangos”, which even Martha Stewart extols as super delicious. They suggest a modern (and less gooey) colada: using their Mango cream liqueur and coconut water. It still has richness, but also is thirst quenching! I’d also suggest marinating your fruit salads with this.

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