This summer, face the world again with Volto Urbano

We’ve found ourselves hidden away inside for 3, 4 months. Then, it was time to emerge into the outdoors. Had you forgotten how harsh the environment is on the complexion? Volto Urbano is a skincare line that was created to detox from, repair and protect skin from pollution, dust, sunlight, blue light and other irritants. I was happy to be hosted to experience it!

This vegan, American-made line incorporates natural and specially lab-created ingredients for its components that work as a system.

Antioxidant Balancing Mist can be sprayed on both your face and decolletage — which often needs some help after repeated sun exposure. It has a refreshing, herbal scent and tingle to it, so do keep it away from your eyes. The vitamin and green tea-rich mist can also be used to set makeup, giving powder cosmetics something to grab onto. It definitely feels cool and renewing after wearing a mask! You’ll find it a very handy product wherever you may roam.

Urban Defense Gel is an important product for all skin types and especially useful in hot weather. Fruit and sugar extracts effect a mild, yet thorough exfoliation. Hyaluronic Acid attracts and holds moisture without oils or waxes. It also fights against blue light and ozone! It’s a silky, gray-blue serum with a brisk, light pine-like fragrance. It dries down instantly and won’t interfere with any makeup application.

Face Cream applies with an elegant spatula. You emulsify this rich yet non-tacky cream between your hands and then pat it on your face. It has a fresh fragrance and is comforting on contact. It helps repairs sun damage.


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