Holidays are better with good hair days and Philip B. Forever Shine products

The holidays: so much stress, so many gatherings and so many photos! When you hair doesn’t look good, it’s hard to really enjoy yourself surrounded by lots of people. I’ve seen photos of myself in the past, with old-fashioned products that weighed my hair down (taking away any semblance of bone structure in my face). It happens to everyone! I’ve seen some celebrities and musicians’ photos lately where their hair was so parched, you could see every single dye job on the strand. Eeeek! Because hair grows slowly and damage can result in long-term bad looks, I say that’s where the majority of your beauty budget should go. You can buff your nails, keep a simple cosmetics look, leave off the “It” accessories. Do other penny pinching things if you have to. But your hair is one of the things a stranger will remember most about you and describe you by. The look has to be well thought out.

And that’s why, it’s a splurge that’s more of a necessity, to use the finest products on your tresses. Don’t pay attention to those gals on the morning talk shows who pretty much say that they’re all the same, use dish soap or whatever on your hair. If you haven’t gathered by the reality show phenomenon yet, there are people who will say anything to get on tv. I know a guy who made up crazy stuff to get a free trip to Chicago and the Jerry Springer show, but that’s another story. Just know that you have to pay attention to two important things: the quality of ingredients and the quality of the results.

So, sure, give a loved one the gift of beautiful hair this year, but also give it to yourself! Philip B. has remained true to utilizing efficacious natural, precious ingredients — now sourced from around the globe — in its products. That is why the line is sold in only the most luxurious of department stores, as well as online. They have not diluted the line to show up in the local drugstore or big box establishment. I was very happy to be hosted to experience it!

Philip B. has always had a fascination for the use of natural fruits, veggies, flowers and oils in beauty products;  I bought and still treasure his book, Blended Beauty. This fall, I finally remembered to save some Halloween pumpkin to make some of the recipes! But, you might be too frazzled this time of year to be zapping up hair products. If you look at photos of Philip B. himself, you’ll feel a surge of confidence using his line — his hair is fantastic.

Forever Shine Shampoo and Conditioner — in an elegant package, perfect for gifting — are the first time-released moisturizing hair care products. Tiny molecules sink into the hair shaft to heal from the core. This is similar to the concept of serums for faces, different from moisturizers. The collection is suitable for color or keratin treated hair, which applies to most of us!

Because the products work from the inside out, they don’t lay on and weigh down hair. You retain bounce, fullness and body. You’ll be able to achieve styles that don’t look plasticized. Yet, unlike traditional “volume” shampoos, you’ll be able to comb through your hair and it will feel soft and touchable.

The scent of the shampoo and conditioner — both a caramel colored cream —  comes from oud, a wood resin found in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. This alluring unisex fragrance isn’t “woody” like fir or even sandalwood. Rather, it’s more like a bold floral bouquet that’s not sweet or gourmand. It’s rich and natural.



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