Face the holidays with a refreshed complexion: Instytutum’s Flawless HydraMist

Wintertime can wreak havoc on skin, in many different ways. Some people get chapped, itchy hives, flakes, fine lines or even full-blown breakouts. Finally, there’s a product suitable and effective for everyone: Instytutum Flawless Hydra Mist is an easy, must-add to your skincare routine. I was happy to be hosted to experience it!


Instytutum was founded by a woman with an MD and PhD, a former executive at a pharmaceutical corporation. That’s a depth of expertise that’s extremely rare.

Packaged in a plastic 100 ml pump spray bottle, Flawless Hydra Mist is perfect for traveling, TSA compliant.

This atomizer isn’t merely a hydrator, though it’s great for that. It’s specially formulated with ingredients like aloe for soothing, polysaccharides (natural forms of sugars) for shielding out environmental stressors and drawing in water, Vitamin B5 for anti-aging benefits and the pre-protein allantoin, for healing and calming. All of this in a light, fragrance-free and quickly absorbed mist! It will not interfere with application of any form of cosmetics. It doesn’t sting — it’s alcohol free.

I found that consistent use of this mist helps reduce flareups and gives winter complexions the look of dewy spring!

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