Tasty, pure, eco-friendly water: ZEROWATER

As a food writer and two-time judge of the International Water Tasting Festival at Berkeley Springs, I know water. I was trained by world water and Champagne expert, Arthur von Wiesenberger in how to look at, smell and taste water. It’s an art! You don’t want sediment, cloudiness or discernible odor.

The problem is, the bottled water available at stores is very expensive if you’re drinking as much water as you should be. Disposable plastic bottles are ruining our oceans. Plus, with many of these bottled waters on the shelves, you don’t even know what you’re buying: a well-known “spring water” in my area is now quietly sourced as a “Frankenwater” with municipal waters added – –  from places around the country! Not only does that sound like a ripoff, but also, think of tremendous carbon footprint for nothing. Some bottled waters are drained of all of their gasses until they taste “flat”.

The best — and most cost-effective — solution is to filter your water at home. Not through a faucet (those are hard to install and get clogged up), but by a pitcher that you can keep on your counter or fridge. The most advanced filter pitcher on the market is ZEROWATER. I was happy to be hosted to experience it!

Other water filters on the market typically have 2 carbon filters, but they leave lots of contaminants behind. ZEROWATER means just that: no contaminants. To achieve this, they have a 5 stage filter, over the life of which, it will remove 18,000 mg of impurities.

So, how do you know when it’s time to change the screw-off filter? Well, they have a handy tool that measures the water contaminants and if your tool drawer is completely filled, the tops of the pitchers have a slot to snap on the tool. They also say that a safe citrus odor or taste also indicates it’s time to change the filter. I would also say that when the filtration starts slowing down — it normally just takes a minute or so — then it’s time to change.

They’re easy to use: just slide the top of the lid open, fill with water and slide back. In just a short time, you’ll be pouring pure water!

They have filtration systems that range from personal tumblers, to desk sizes to all kinds of refrigerator sizes. It’s worth moving some fridge shelves to keep your water pitcher in there and have nice, cold water throughout the day.

If your water is ready to go, you’re that much more likely to keep well-hydrated throughout the day. I know that in my line of work, lots of talking leads to dry throat and sinus passages: not healthy! They say that if you don’t drink enough water, you can actually retain water and bloat up, as well as your actual metabolism slowing down. Terrible!

If you love making your own coffee and brewing tea, those beverages — along with lemonade, drink mixes and smoothies — all depend on pureness and quality of the water you use. I’ve been making my own mozzarella and other cheeses: those also depend on filtered, high quality water.

ZEROWATER is certified to reduce lead and other heavy metals.

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