Life is prettier with a luxurious Serucell complexion

With the change of seasons and maybe heading back to school or work is cranking up, days are shorter, the stress might be showing on your face. You can’t help feeling older or being older, but you don’t want to look older. But what to use now? It’s getting cooler, but there are still warm, humid days. You want to apply a deeper, more polished makeup, so you can’t have anything oily or sticky. In this time of renewal and reinvention, it’s time to invest well in yourself! From a private lab deep in the heart of West-by-God-Virginia, comes Serucell to the rescue! I was happy to be hosted to experience it. Having lived in West Virginia myself and a lifelong fan of The Greenbrier resort, one of the places it’s used and sold, I can tell you that these are people who are serious about beauty. Plus, who doesn’t like the idea of an American-made product that benefits the local West Virginia economy?

The line is built on the research of Dr. Walter Neto, who focuses on skin regeneration and grafting. I was very interested to try the line, as many years ago, I was in a fire that involved my face, but was not a candidate for plastic surgery. What I have is what I have. Serucell incorporates proteins, collagens and their particles for healing and hydration. See, when you have damaged skin like mine and I’ve seen also in bad plastic surgery victims, it’s not enough to apply the typical oil or waxes to plump up and smooth the skin. They have a patented serum, patented KFS® serum, that make breakthrough strides in the beauty industry. KFS stands for Keratinocyte Fibroblast Serum, which is naturally derived and contains over 1500 super proteins, collagens, peptides and signaling factors which boosts our skin’s natural ability to support new healthy elastin and collagen.

The product itself is handsomely packaged in a red cardboard coffret and applies with a pump. You use two pumps, both morning and night, before any other products you normally use. They highly recommend using sunscreen during the day. Several nights, when I was either dead tired or it was too warm to layer on creams, I still very much enjoyed the serum on its own.

For a serum, it has a rich lotion consistency, but it has very rapid dry-down. You can apply any cosmetic consistency on top right away, whether it’s powder, cream or wax. The serum has a faint baby lotion scent. You feel softness right away, it doesn’t take weeks of wondering if your applications are having an effect. Unlike so many other skincare products out there, it doesn’t make my scar tissue itch or get blisters/hives. Instead, it gives back some of the plumpness of undamaged skin, which is more youthful and prettier. They describe it as: “smoother, softer, firmer, plumper, more even skin tone and [reduction of] the appearance of fine lines”. That helps you start your day off right!

I am eager to see them create more products in the future, especially hand cream, as my hands are badly burn scarred.



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