Get luxurious, youthful hair for Valentine’s Day with Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Restructuring Bond Repair

There definitely used to be a generational divide when it came to hair length. It used to be that as you got older, the strength, gloss and healthiness went by the wayside. The only way to get rid of obvious damage was chop, chop, chop. I know that for me, it made me angry at myself for not growing my hair to my knees as a kid, just to have a running start! It’s one thing to get older, to be older. But most of us don’t want to look older!

Is there anything that can be done? After all, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. It’s time to treat yourself well with the Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging line! I was happy to be hosted to experience it.

I color my hair and swim. My city experienced windchill temperatures in the double digits below zero. The ends were so dry and frazzled, they itched my back fiercely and I could only get at the spot with a salad fork!

Caviar (fish roe) is very nutritious: it is an amazing source of omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. These are the building blocks of healing and growth. They source their caviar from sustainably farmed sturgeon in France.

The Restructuring Bond Repair collection lives up to its promise: “Transformation after just one use”. The regimen is clinically proven “to help recreate, rebuild and reconnect broken bonds in the hair while reducing breakage and split ends more than 99% vs untreated hair, when used as a regimen with the Caviar Anti-Aging Restructuring Bond Repair Conditioner and 3-in-1 Sealing Serum.” This collection is meant for any hair texture.

The creamy, pearlized shampoo has a dark honey-floral scent — like an elegant perfume. It’s not super sudsy; it cleans without stripping.

The conditioner has a more floral fragrance, with a light, lotion consistency. Did you think that any conditioner meant for severely damaged hair had to be heavy, waxy, greasy? Nope! You don’t have to keep it in there for 20 minutes, either. It does its thing right away. Detangling was a breeze, too — even without my assorted post-cleaning leave-ins.

Alterna makes several styling mousses for different hair needs. I must confess, I hadn’t used mousse for many years: I only remembered drying, crunchy, sticky messes. Instead, Restructuring Bond Repair Mousse is very rich and hydrating. So much so, I’d recommend a few more minutes with the blow dryer than when you don’t use products. I blew my hair for a few minutes, but then did something else: I rolled it up damp with velcro rollers. With old-fashioned mousse, it would have dried crackly. My hair would have looked like doll hair that was stepped on. Instead, I brushed it out lightly and it was va-va-voom! Another time, I applied it and let it air dry. My natural, ringlet texture came out and it was very glossy and soft. I didn’t even brush it out. This is very versatile product.

So, get your hair act together in time for Cupid!



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