Give the look of youth this holiday season with VENeffect

Ladies, as we get older — and we all are! — we lose the estrogen and other hormones that produces collagen, supports our skin and healing. Instead of considering dangerous hormone replacement therapy, instead, you can recreate youth with diet, lifestyle and skincare.

Two sisters, one a published OB/GYN, the other, an exec at a Fortune 500 beauty company, knew there was a niche they could fill. Dr. Rebecca Booth wrote about “the Venus Effect” in relation to hormones. Cecil Booth knew how to put the science into jars. VENeffect was born! I was happy to be hosted to experience it.

Pore Minimizing Cleanser is perfectly clear, but a thick gel. You can really work it into your complexion for deep cleaning. It has willow bark, which contains natural salicylic acid — the pre-cursor to aspirin. It fights irritation! There are phytoestrogens to enhance youthful glow. Fruit enzymes dissolve dead skin cells and further refresh the skin.

Exfoliating — or, as the French call it, gommage, because it appears to “erase” dead skin and flaws, is one of the important things you can do to look younger. But improper exfoliation is worse than none! Rough, irritating products will tear up your face. Instead, VENeffect has the Micro-Exfoliant. It’s plant-based and exfoliates in two ways: chemically through fruit enzymes and physically, through finely milled and nourishing ground grapeseed. It has a light lotion consistency with a fine, fine grit. It will really help to smooth your skin without abrading it.

People will usually grab for a waxy balm to improve the texture of their lips, but it’s not the most sophisticated, modern way of caring for them. VENeffect’s Anti-Aging Lip Treatment has the consistency of a rich face cream, with a faint tropical fruit scent. It will not interfere with the application of any cosmetic, whether it be a pencil, lipstick, lip powder or gloss. You apply it to your lips and surrounding areas: it’s time to take care of your whole mouth!

Ladies will often forgo the important the anti-aging treatment they may need, because so many have a heavy, nasty formulation. Oily or chemical-laden products feel itchy and hot on your face. VENeffect’s Intensive Skin Moisturizer has a soothing lotion consistency, but it’s loaded with helpers for your complexion: lots of phytoestrogens, peptides and proteins do the heavy lifting — not a heavy cream! It’s comfortable and comforting both night and day. You’ll still be able to apply any formulation of cosmetic on top, but also get the superior night treatment that helps you wake up to a better complexion.

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