A Polish breakfast buffet! Novotel Wroclaw Centrum Hotel

After a long-haul flight — and in the past 2 weeks, I’ve flown into 5 countries! — I always wake early, famished. I know that even modest European hotels put out a big breakfast spread! Novotel Wroclaw Centrum Hotel in Wroclaw, Poland, certainly had some interesting offerings! is a good few blocks from the central square, but it’s in the thick of world history. Wroclaw is at the intersection of 2 ancient roads: the Amber Road is prehistoric and the Via Regia dates from the early Middle Ages. As you can imagine, the buffet has a lot of different cultural influences! I was happy to be hosted to experience it.

They have a whole congee setup, along with rice noodles, for Asian visitors.

pole break 3.JPG

pole break 4

They also had the beans and hotdog fixings for a British repast, but not the stewed tomatoes, etc. There were also white sausages and smoked kielbasa. If you just wanted to have a plain hotdog, here were the condiments.

pole break 1.JPG

pole break 2

Pickles, jams and honey are favorite Polish condiments. The hotel has its own beekeeper and honey!

pole break 6.JPG

pole break 9.JPG

pole break 10.JPG

Each day, I had a little of the raw honey and honeycomb, because that’s supposed to be healthful. They had a mellow sweetness. The hotel also makes its own chocolate sauce, but I didn’t get around to sampling it.

pole break 5

There was a small selection of cold cuts, including sliced ham, white cheese, a house-made pate’ and a smoked fish. On one day, there was a creamy salad that I loved, though I know that it was super high in fat/low in fiber. It had mayo, cucumber, cheese, scallion and I don’t know what. It never reappeared.

pole break 14.JPG

Vegans will be happy with the large selection of seeds and nuts, as well as the various hummus types and pastes, which they call “pasta”, a little confusingly.

pole break 8.JPG

pole break 12.JPG

There was a bread bar. I was surprised to see that the loaves were more like Italian bread than Scandinavian bread (with seeds on top). I tried one with a crispy crust and center with a bit of sourdough chew.

pole break 7

I really enjoyed the make your own juice, with a juicer! There were two kinds of apples, pears to juice, along with a great selection of veggies. I made my own kind of V-8 each day, with fresh tomatoes, carrots, beets, cucumbers. I saw big hunks of horseradish to add, but the first day, I stayed clear. However, I realized my juice needed a little something . . . so in subsequent days, I was adding two big hunks of fresh horseradish! Really, I would add more, if given the time to develop my recipe. I feel like it was an important addition of vitamin and fiber, because they can be difficult to consume enough while traveling. Besides juice (and a ready-made juice machine), they had an Italian coffee beverage machine.

pole break 11


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