The intellectual’s sexy French fragrance line: Fleur de Point

Our scent is our most ancient, primitive tool of attraction. It’s important to smell good, special, unique. Quite frankly, you’re not gonna get what you’re looking for with some industrial chemical-based EDT named after some has-been celebrity who’s in and out of rehab, that you pick up at the all-night drugstore. You need to step up your game! I’m always on the hunt all over the world for exotic things to share. There is a new, cool fragrance line out of France: Fleur de Point. I was happy to be hosted to experience it.

If you’re fortunate and living life right, I hope you have (at least) that one friend whose creativity shines on everything she touches. Marie Clapisson is a lady living in France who’s not a professional perfumer — or poet — but she’s a writer with ties to the fashion world. She wrote several vignettes and created fragrances to go with them. How you choose to express her ideas is up to you!

Python Sauvage

Slipping on the hot and dark bark,
Attracted by the dampness of dawn,
The Python ripples and dances,
Inspiring suspiciousness as he passes by.

Slowly moving forward through the plants,
He defeats its rivals with his silence.
Undisputed master of the invisible
He prepares his unpredictable attack.

Nested into the mangrove he searches for
The precious graal of his long quest;
Taking comfort from a gentle warmth
While around him the hours run out.

The rustling orchids alert him.
Who goes there unaware, towards defeat?
But it is already dark in the Andaman Islands,
The Python declines, as the setting sun.

She describes the fragrance notes as being Cardamom, Incense, Labdanum, Vetiver, Birch, Gaiac wood, Peru Balsam. I definitely notice the wood and cardamom. It’s spicy and masculine, but a tailored woman would certainly enjoy the elegance. This fragrance absolutely rivals the top men’s fragrance houses in its sophistication. Ms. Clapisson may not be a trained parfumeur, but she avoids the oily, hippie scent cliches that new young parfumeurs fall into.

Au Pink Flamingo

She was bathing in the red lights near the piano bar
Whisky was running in the glasses on the counter
Tonight again, she was singing about love and hope
With a lost look among men and mirrors
It was dark and neon lights would light up the night
At Pink Flamingo’s she was dreaming of stars
A man in black entered and stopped near the corridor
When she stopped singing, he offered her a drink
He told her that every meeting happens for a reason
That she could follow him, that it was never too late
That he would wait for her at sunrise near the old lighthouse
When she walked on leaving the dark night behind her
A group of flamingos flew off the promontory

This is what she says about the composition: Rose, Cumin, Coffee, Olibanum, Tobacco, Cedar wood, Labdanum, Amber, Musk, Birch.  I noticed whiskey and dirty bar table notes, along with sweat. I don’t mean that in a bad way; the fragrance has a very sexy, non-innocent presence. The floral wasn’t pronounced.


All of a sudden, all the forest has darkened,
The birds have flown without a sound.
The rhythm of hooves can be heard from afar,
Making everyone feel strong concern.

Her white mane was sparkling silver.
Her twisted horn pointing at the firmament.
She walked guided by the sweet smell
Of this young girl picking flowers.

In the humus, mystic symbols shone
Hit at every step by this magical creature,
That everyone feared and admired at the same time,
Without understanding the fear that would paralyze them.

Blinded by a halo of gold, she raised her head,
Then making eye contact with the beast,
Where there was a fire of a dark storm,
And in a flash she turned her into a mere statuette.

Clapisson composes this fragrance from Blood Orange, Nutmeg, Lavender, Elemi, Labdanum, Amber. At first, I was reminded of spicy scents my dad used to wear, but then it quickly bloomed to holiday spice-studded orange. I think the fragrance would be very unisex and appealing for both day and night.

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