Go for the gold! Geo glasses by Root7

It’s a rough and tough world out there. Whether you’re feeling stress at work, with family, watching the news or even just puttering around an empty home, it’s like the old saying goes: if you don’t treat yourself well, who will?

I’m just finishing up Jolie Gabor’s autobiography — the mother of the famous Gabor sisters. She took great pride in creating enchanting, romantic and glamorous settings wherever she lived, with her dining areas receiving particular attention. It was part of the charm that made her feel special, even through the darkest times in her life. After all, she survived the Holocaust, a couple of divorces, as well as several of her daughters’ divorces.

It helps to have something simple, yet gorgeous, on hand. Imagine barware that fits into both the sleekest or ornate decor, for either the special whiskey you have on hand, fresh-squeezed juice or even sparkling water with a twist of lime and sprig of windowsill herbs. Root7 Geo Glasses in gold will pick you up, even when you’re blue! They are also available at Amazon.com, for you Prime devotees. I was happy to be hosted to experience them!

The clean lines and heavy weight of these glasses, with their metallic gold edges, pronounce you a stylish grownup. Even if you put together your shelves yourself, the Geo Glasses will make you and your guests feel pampered. The lip of the glasses are specially crafted to be comfortable for your lips when drinking. Each glass is hand-blown.

They even suggest ways of incorporating the product into your decor when you’re not using them as barware, such as using them as a terrarium. They’d also look smashing — if that’s not too horrible a pun — holding your costume jewelry.

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