Drink coffee like a rock star! Green Day-founded Oakland Coffee

Several years ago, I was a VIP media guest to watch Green Day induct Guns ‘n’ Roses into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. It was one of those moments that seems to be indelibly etched in my mind: I even remember the lipgloss I was wearing. Billie Joe Armstrong was in full form, egging on the audience to boo when Axl Rose was a no-show.

Well, I can certainly see how rock stars might need a good cup of coffee in the morning after, but I had no idea Billie Joe, Mike and Tre’ were testing out coffee and thinking about it for years! Based in environmentally conscious Oakland, California, it was probably natural (if that’s not too horrible a pun) that they wondered about all of the waste involved in selling coffee — with the packaging and pods. They set about housing their premium quality java in (industrial, not home) compostable containers. Thus, Oakland Coffee was born! I was happy to be hosted to experience it.

There are few blends, but with several flavor aspects in common: medium to medium dark roasts, low acidity and chocolate notes. They’re organically sourced from small farms and cooperatives in Central and South America. I tried Atomic Garden blend, available in whole bean format. I keep my grinder plugged in at all times! Atomic Garden is apparently named after one of their favorite stores. In checking it out, I was surprised to see it’s stocked with chic and artisanal housewares, clothes, essential oil creations! Well, I guess one can’t be badass 24/7.

Atomic Garden blend is very, very smooth and I noticed that dark chocolate flavor without the bitterness of cocoa bean shells. I read where they like 3 spoons per cup and I’d second that: it will give body to the smoothness. The beans are from Honduras and Columbia.

The band members want not just to create good (coffee), but to do good: Fueled by Loveprovides resources and community building where the coffee is grown. So, their endeavor won’t be one of those resource stripping businesses that leaves the residents and their residences barren.

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