Brighten your day with a unicorn!

I’ll admit it: I didn’t get the unicorn craze. Even when Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld would play with a little unicorn doll on camera, I was perplexed. Was it the natural evolution of the fantasy movie craze? Were unicorns just a more colorful My Pretty Pony? Wasn’t I several decades too old to care about unicorns?

Then, I was hosted to experience unicorn products from Thumbs Up UK and Kitson Kitross LA. The day I received my package was one for the books. Not one, but two exes were getting on my last damned nerve. The phone was ringing off the hook (ain’t that a dated phrase?) with stupid people demanding stupid things. I was ready to line people up on the floor like cordwood, Game of Thrones style. Tears were burning in my eyes and my jaw was clenched.

And then . . . I opened a box of unicorns! The faintest smile began to blossom on my mouth and I reflexively looked furtively from side to side, like Groucho Marx would have. Things were gonna be better!

The Kitson Kitross LA Unicorn Bath Duck is a fantastic (and modestly priced, at $12.95) gift, for a loved one or yourself! When the tape is pulled off the bottom, the duckie turns all kind of lighted colors, like a disco era fiber optic light! It’s funny and kinda romantic at the same time.

Start your morning off right with a mug of coffee — or cocoa — while drinking out of a unicorn’s head! The Unicorn Mug is dishwasher and microwave safe. It has a 3D horn sticking out, so you’ll drink from the other side. Its thick handle is satisfying to hold. Bring it to work and make the whole office smile!

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