Ten-hut! Order The General’s Hot Sauce!

For several years, I served as an editor at GI Money magazine and a contributor to Military Money. I also struggled through a month of Air Force Officer Training School, where I was known as “O.T. (Officer Trainee) Fleishman”. Day and night. Two generations of my family before me served in the Army. Also, I just learned that my dad’s uncle served in a European army . . . and Daddy never even knew he existed!

Serving in the Armed Forces is no picnic. For those lucky ones who get to come home, they can end up returning missing parts or their bodies or souls. For their sacrifice, they often can end up being treated like folks coming home from the Vietnam War. Did you see the Oscars? No, I didn’t . . . but I saw the clips of shameful “celebs” sitting on their hands during the Hollywood salute to the military. Ugh! What did they ever do that’s 1% of 1% of our heroes? They don’t even entertain me . . . or apparently, most of America.

There’s a company that’s hiring vets and helping vets, while making food tasty! Who can’t get behind that? The General’s Hot Sauce makes a great gift for your loved ones and yourself! I was happy to be hosted to experience it.

This company is vet owned, with the concept being born at the Army-Navy tailgate in 2012. I live in Maryland: of course here, we just call the game “Navy”. I once went to the game in 1987! Friends stuffed my little quilted vest with flasks for the cold weather, as I had a sweet little kid look that wouldn’t (and didn’t) get searched.

They source all of their peppers — cayenne, green cayenne and yellow-orange habaneros — in the USA, to support the American farmer. Sauces get aged in barrels, like the finest bourbons and wines. Each package supports a different charity benefiting our veterans, including paws4vets!

They sell a number of flavors and products — including a whole Berkshire heritage pulled pork!

Dead Red is 90% fully ripe cayenne peppers — which I found to be very fruity, tomato-like — salted into a mash. They suggest it for Buffalo wings, when mixed with butter. I also suggest Bloody Marys, zipping up tomato soup and even packing flavor into tuna salad.


Shock & Awe is a super spicy (but not goofy spicy) sauce made from yellow-orange habaneros, giving it a lilt of sweetness. They cut down the salt for this recipe, so that the flavors stand out. I also noticed a savoriness before the heat set in . . . and that heat lasts! I would highly suggest a drop into the yolk of a soft-boiled egg, which normally needs some help in the flavor category. Try it with some butter on a rich steak!

Peppers have a lot of carotenoids with their intense colors and oils. A teaspoon of the sauces give you 8% of your Vitamin C requirements!

Can we talk about the adorbs packaging? The sauces are poured into hand-grenade shaped bottles and come with their own dog tags! Mother’s Day, Memorial Day and Father’s Day are all coming up soon and don’t forget the Fourth of July.


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