Widely available, department store quality cosmetics: Milani

For many of us, it’s that time of year: caught between paying off the credit cards from the holidays and lusting over the new makeups that we spy in the Spring fashion magazines. We marvel at the cutting edge technology with the latest products for perfecting complexions. The colors — including more realistic skin tone products — are also crush-worthy. But how can we indulge and save money at the same time? Now there’s Milani to the rescue of our beauty! I was happy to be hosted to experience it.

Here’s a beautiful part to keep in mind: Milani is available at top chain drugstores and box stores. Remember that the next time you’re having a beauty emergency at odd hours!

If you’re not happy with the way foundation looks and lasts on you — or if you have boo boos that you need to stay covered — you need to use a primer. This is a product that acts as a film to seal and smooth the surface of your face. But you really must use a high quality primer, because thick, gooey ones not only prevent you from applying your makeup, but also fails in its raison d’etre. Milani has a thin, sheer, almond tinted primer — Prime Protect —  that also has 30 SPF! It won’t flash white in your selfies. It dries instantly, so you’ll be able to apply every format of makeup on top: wax, cream, powder, glitter.

Sometimes, despite the green smoothies, scrubs and masques you use, disaster looms on the complexion. Concealer + Protect All-in-One Concealer Kit is a must-have for everyone! It comes in 4 color collections, from fair to deep. Each kit is a palette of 4 light but creamy tones within its group. One is pinker, one is more yellow, one is darker — great to have on hand for seasonal changes  — and there’s a redder one. What? Well, contrary to what you might think, you shouldn’t pile on a light concealer on dark demarcations. A redder one blends the imperfection into your skin better and makes it recede, visually.


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