A holiday gift you may want to give yourself: body firming with Palmer’s

Are you like I am: you’ve got that well-used pie fork in your hand when you suddenly remember that fun in the sun trip coming up? You thought you had all this time to mess up and then shape up . . . but you don’t! I’m not gonna lie: it takes a village. You need to do what you already know to do: get your rear in gear every single day, drink more water, sleep well, eat high quality protein, cut down on sugar, flour, salt and animal fats. But then, it’s time for the icing on that beautiful cake (pardon the pun). Get a smooth, toned appearance right away with Palmer’s new body firming products! I was happy to be hosted to experience them.

First, let’s consider the convenience and ease of obtaining the widely available brand: you can purchase them at most drug stores that are open 24/7 and you can order them online if you don’t have one of those nearby. Nearly every product in the line is under $10. Perfect for instant perfection!

Sheet masks are all the rage in skin care these days. Their Coconut Oil Body Firming Sheet Mask is TSA friendly and packed with Vitamin E, Brazilian guarana, cupuacu butter and raw coconut oil. Palmer’s coconut oil is all Fair Trade Certified Organic Extra Virgin, sustainably and ethically sourced.

It’s easy to use: each packet includes 2 sheets. Either use them both at the same time or save one in a zipped plastic bag. They have a fresh, natural fragrance. Use them on problem areas like upper arms. tush, hips, thighs, tummy. Leave on for just 10 minutes and massage the residue in. You will notice a smoothness and firming right away!

Then, seal and enhance the benefits with Coconut Oil Anti-Oxidant Firming Lotion. It’s packed with seaweed extract and caffeine: ingredients used in very, very expensive spa toning treatments. It also has moisturizing coconut and almond oils. The lotion is easily absorbed, not greasy at all.

Perhaps a spa at home treatment needs to be on your holiday wish list!

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