Get youthful skin for the holidays with Karin Herzog

They say that the definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing over and over and expect different results. With winter upon us, we have more challenging skin needs, with dryness, irritation, crepiness and rough texture. Time to try something new!

Nobel honoree Dr. Paul Herzog and his wife Karin perfected the incorporation of healing oxygen into cosmetic cream. Oxygen kills bacteria, promotes collagen and elastin production. It helps restore smooth, firm, fresh skin. The Karin Herzog line is innovative and effective: I was happy to be hosted to experience it!

Not only are their ingredients unique, but also, the application is completely different from what you probably have tried before. The oxygen is release by the Catalase enzyme in skin, so you apply with a special synthetic hair brush, rather than losing precious oxygen into your fingertips.

Within the Vita-A-Kombi line, there are several versions. I tried Step #1, for skin 25 years +. With Vitamins A & E, along with 1% oxygen, it has a very rich — but not greasy — consistency. If you tend to get irritated skin from harsh wind and cold weather, you’ll find it soothing and protective. I have burn scars on my face, which tend to blister up this time of year. Just tapping the cream on with the brush gave a protected feeling, as well as easing chronic dry patches. You can use this product both day and night. Though it does remain moist on your complexion, you shouldn’t experience any makeup pilling.

This would make a fantastic gift during the holidays!


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