Pack lunch in style: black + blum food flask

When I was a kid, I was admonished to never, ever, ever touch my dad’s insulated beverage container. Though plastic on the outside, it was inner-lined with glass. That’s how it operated! Dropping the big, bulky, heavy contraption meant certain destruction and expense. I’ll admit I peeked at the crazy plaid thing, but I left it alone.

Now, there’s a sleek, chic way to take your liquid lunches to work, no matter if they’re hot or cold. The black + blum food flask is an insulated stainless steel container. I was happy to be hosted to experience it!

I had an immediate opportunity to use it, too. Normally, I work from my super secret, undisclosed location/Shangri-la. But, due to chronic computer issues, I was forced to head out to the hinterlands for a couple of weeks. Food trucks were a complete money/time suck. Plus, these days, most of us are pretty conscious of what we’re eating. At least, we try to know what’s going on, carb, calorie, salt, fat-wise. The flask stays cold for 6 hours and hot for 8. I filled it with chilled schav (sorrel) soup.

It has a wide mouth, which is different from older styles. So, I would definitely ensure that you have the lid screwed on tightly. It definitely kept my soup tasty and chilled! The container is lighter than expected, so that’s convenient. It has a vegan (faux leather) strap where its cute spoon can be anchored. You can wash the spoon in the dishwasher, but the flask itself needs to be hand-washed, but don’t use steel wool on it.


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