Eating on weekday off in Baltimore metro area: Ellicott City’s Asian Court [classic article]

With yesterday being Veteran’s Day, it was an opportunity to get out and enjoy one of the area restaurant’s weekday specials. I had a few to choose from in the Baltimore area, but in the end, I chose to go with my husband to Ellicott City’s Asian Court. They have a terrific special — 3 entrees plus soup for $20.95. Really, with the generous amount of food, you could go with 3 people and have a nice sized lunch.

Usually, I go for dim sum on weekends. The food is very high quality at Asian Court, but I remember being a little more wowed on other weekdays.

I could have had clam or fish ball soup . . . I chose fish balls. The broth was a little bland and the fish balls were fairly strong. I say strong from the perspective of having had all manners of gefilte fish all my life.

Fish filet saute XO has been written about by many local food writers . . . I loved it in the past, but felt the sauce was too predominant and goopy this time.

I’m looking at the menu that I took a picture of off the door. . . was shell-on shrimp with salt and pepper available and I didn’t see it? Shame on me! Shame on RoCK! I usually love it at dim sum.

Shredded pork with hot pepper was touted as being spicy. RoCK wanted it, so he got it. It wasn’t my bag. It was flavorful, but the level of spice made it more like an amuse bouche for me.

Mini steak with black pepper sauce was on the tough side.

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