Shreveport, La’s Superior Grill: Mexican party in Cajun country . . .whaaa? [classic article]

Shreveport, La’s Superior Grill: Mexican party in Cajun country . . .whaaa?
Tamar Alexia Fleishman, Esq.

When you actually live somewhere, you’re not eating the area’s signature foods 24/7. People all over like to explore other cuisines! That’s certainly the case in Shreveport, Louisiana — the heart of Cajun country. Superior Grill is the area’s favorite Mexican haunt! I was happy to be hosted to experience it.

The restaurant is deceptively huge, with different dining ambiances in various rooms. You can go for the neighborhood bar-cantina feel or an open, light-filled but party atmosphere with live cover bands.

Sure, they have tacos, but they’re more than just about the tacos and even those have a unique touch — made with brisket, puffed crispy shells, etc.

Diners start out with tortilla chips and a chipotle salsa, the thinner sauce style. I then had tortilla soup: it had a kick of spice in its nice broth. There were tomatoes, herbs, minced veggies and chicken all adding quite a bit of flavor.

I had been doing some serious eating while in North Louisiana, including complex traditional recipes . . . I was in the mindset of wanting something light and clean to refresh my palate and system. Their seared tuna was cooked just I asked — which is to say, barely — with nice grill flavors and seasoned with lemon pepper. The plate was loaded with grilled veggies: portabello mushrooms, yellow and green squash, red pepper.

For more info, check out Explore Louisiana North.

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