Feel better while traveling (and after) with Phytomer’s Oligomer drink [classic article]

It’s so easy to get thrown off balance while traveling . . . salty breakfast buffets, more carbs and fats than you’d cook up for yourself, drinking. Getting off your exercise regimen and sleeping in strange beds all seem to conspire to make one feel . . . not oneself, irregular if you will.

Tamar Alexia Fleishman, Esq.

Phytomer Oligomer drink is chock full of sea minerals and trace elements. I was very glad to be hosted to experience it! They come in single serving packets that you put in a big, tall glass and fill with cold water. If you’re a fan of raw bars or ever have eaten a picnic while at the beach, you’ll find the flavor to be familiar. If not, there might be a little learning curve. But you’ve gotta drink it for it to work! I completely feel the difference when I forget to fix my little packet for the day. Here’s what they say about it:

Fill up on minerals and trace elements.

All the remineralizing properties of seawater are encapsulated in OLIGOMER® DRINK.

A source of marine calcium and magnesium, OLIGOMER® DRINK delivers a mineral boost to the body to promote relaxation and wellness.

Main ingredients: OLIGOMER®: contains minerals and trace elements essential for the body to function properly.
Marine calcium: indispensable to the body, helps build and maintain healthy bones.
Marine magnesium: helps reduce the sensation of fatigue and ensure a normal energy metabolism.

That’s a smart thing to do, by the way — fill up before snacking by drinking Oligomer drink. The packets are small, so they’re convenient to take anywhere you go.

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