Jimmie and Sook’s in Cambridge: fantastic seafood at casual prices [classic article]

I am visiting the Eastern Shore for a few days and I want to share a new find: Jimmie & Sook’s! Not only do they serve the meatiest soft-shell crab sandwich I’ve ever seen, but the raw oysters were also excellent. Huge and fresh!

I also tried soft-shell clams, which I never even heard of. They are an acquired taste, even for old-school Eastern Shore families. You have to rinse them in water, then you dunk them in melted butter.

Jimmie & Sooks sold a “waterman’s dozen” — like, 14 — raw oysters for about $9. Try that hat trick at home!

They have live music 4 nights a week, a bar, and lunch counter. I will definitely be back.

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