Sweet surprise: First Class dessert on Brussels Airlines’ Business Class [classic article]

Ah, the sweet taste of flying Business Class — the upper echelon on many airlines these days. Recently, I was very glad to be hosted (and upgraded!) on Brussels Airlines to experience it. Dessert came in several courses during my flight, just like a fine dining restaurant!

cheese course on Brussels Airlines

So, I hear that I’m like the only person who orders the cheese course. You’re missing out on life, people! This was served with cashews, almonds and fresh grapes. We’ve got Camembert, Compte and a blue cheese here.

lemon cheesecake

The dessert on Brussels Airlines’ Business Class was a very, very creamy cheesecake garnished with fresh raspberries and fresh mint, along with a little raspberry coulis squiggle. Elegant!

Neuhaus chocolates!

Dinners on Brussels Airlines Business Class end with a box of Neuhaus chocolates being passed around, some of the most premium in the country. More than one? Don’t mind if I do!

special cocktail on Brussels Airlines

Each month, Brussels Airlines offers a special cocktail from Caipi One. They have fresh ingredients like limes, strawberries and passionfruit grown on Brazilian fruit fields. I had to try it! This one was made with lime and spices.

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