The Nut Farm: lots of global gourmet goodies (not just nuts) in Green Spring Station – Lutherville, MD [classic article]

You may have driven past Green Spring Station or even walked inside to get some exquisite linens, lingerie, stationery… but you probably didn’t know all of the gourmet goodies from around the world that The Nut Farm carries. There are chocolates from England, caramels from Montana. You’ll find lots of localvore nibbles, too: delicate butters, Hawks Hill cheeses, Zeke’s coffee, and even ice cream from Trickling Springs up in Pennsylvania.

And though you can certainly stock up on snacks for your most sophisticated cocktail parties there, The Nut Farm has lots of things for kids and the kids at heart: barrels of nuts, an old fashioned popcorn machine, even Pez.

You can get ice cream scooped to go — even salted caramel flavor! — and a large $1 coffee, which is the steal/deal of the week.

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