Sweden’s Sand Restaurant: where tennis stars dine! [classic article]

When you look at the doors to the Hotel Skansen, where the Sand Restaurant is, you realize immediately why this is the place to see and be seen by the greatest tennis players of all time. After all, you walk right onto center court! I couldn’t help but think — as a lady — of the shoe possibilities that one could wear to watch the Swedish Open, knowing that one wouldn’t have to tramp across a field or a parking lot.

And, as befits a restaurant catering to sporty VIP’s, everything is top notch quality in a relaxed setting. Mind you, the place is booked up a year ahead of time during the matches. Not only will you see tennis stars, but also European royalty and jet-setters. I was very glad to be hosted to experience it!

They print their daily menu up like a newspaper. Or, they have a fabulous lunch buffet that ends at 2 pm. Even on a weekday, they have things like seasonal local mushrooms, American prime rib with red wine sauce, lemon roasted parsnips, and luscious potatoes au gratin. They also had an upscale cheese plate, with such foodie lovers’ favorites as Taleggio — but I was full!

I did have room for a refreshing Scandinavian cider flavored with blackberries. It’s from Denmark, made by the same people who make Carlsbad beer. They gave it a British name, Somersby. Must be some marketing thing.


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