Flavors of oysters and, well, life.

I cribbed this at an oyster fest in Fell’s Point. I can’t remember where, because I only like one place there and I don’t like the neighborhood vibe. Too drinky-winky. Having never been in a frat and not wishing to pretend I was in one, I’m at the age now where I feel confident in going against the curve. HA! Those who know me know that I always have been that way, but am now in a position to discard all pretense. Do you! At the very least, you’ll be someone you admire. Trust me: you can be MUCH more lonely and miserable with someone else — if they’re miserable and barely human — than being true to yourself.

That being said: I do enjoy a grapefruit beer or Sauvignon Blanc with oysters. I wish raw oysters were the kind of thing I could stock up on, not have to shuck and keep in a cupboard. I love them so much and they aren’t fattening! Did you know that food philosopher Brillat-Saverin wrote of having 36 DOZEN oysters as an appetizer? He basically said that because they’re carb-free, they don’t fill you up. I’ve had the French oysters he would have eaten a few times in my life — in Europe. They’re more of an acquired taste than North American ones, I think.

Please forgive the links: I tried copying and formatting this info a billion times, but I promise, it’s handy-dandy!

Examiner oyster info

Examiner oyster info2


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