Save money, see more in Philadelphia with CityPASS [classic article]

(As first seen in Who doesn’t like to save money while traveling? Many of us grew up with the adage, “Never pay list value for anything.” Philadelphia is a city filled with fantastic museums, but many have a rather steep admission fee. Now there’s CityPASS, a discount book for 5 attractions . . . but wait, wait! There’s more! I was happy to be hosted to experience it.

The booklet is convenient and small: you can easily fit it in a back or jacket pocket. By purchasing CityPass, you save 47% off box office ticket prices and you won’t have to stand in line, either. Hey! Don’t you feel sometimes on trips that half the time, you’re waiting in some sort of awful line or another?

You don’t have to plan way ahead of time, either, like the olden days of Fielding’s or Fodor’s travel. Get your vouchers by email!

Several of the vouchers are an either-or selection of destinations. Okay, so you’ll know what you want to see the most. Here’s one terrific, value-added ticket: the Big Bus! It’s hop-on, hop-off with 27 stops. The bus itself is a guided tour bus, double decker for extra sightseeing/photography opportunities. Philadelphia’s museums are a little spread out . . . taking cabs to them could rack up quite the bill. With the Big Bus, you might see a venue from the bus that you originally were going to pass on (if that’s not too bad a pun), and be lured off to visit it! Or, just enjoy the bus as a relaxing way to take in Philadelphia and its neighborhoods. Their stops are close to, or right in front of, many of the Center City hotels. With the hop-on, hop-off aspect and fairly frequent pickups, it’s almost like having your own chauffeur around town. See a museum, have some lunch, head back to the hotel.

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