Perfect your coffee making at home with Coffee Gator

Coffee is one of those culinary creations that is unforgiving/super sensitive as to every aspect. The coffee, water, temperature and equipment you use each play a critical role. But you don’t have to spend every morning in line at the chain stores! Sure, the indie coffee shops are able to access exquisite ingredients and have a social atmosphere that probably beats your kitchen. But if you don’t have a great one nearby, why settle for less? Coffee Gator has easy-to-use accessories to help you up your java game. I was happy to be given the opportunity to experience them!

Coffee Gator is a UK-based company founded by a young man who spent his youth only drinking instant coffee. While hiking in Columbia, locally grown coffee was the only hot beverage available. He sought to recreate the goodness at home.

Let us keep our coffee at its freshest! Your zip bags, paper clips and chip clamps aren’t cutting it. Their Coffee Canister comes in two sizes, two finishes and a number of handsome colors. One is sure to complement your kitchen decor. So, you may be wondering, why can’t you just use the ceramic canister with chickens on it that your mother in law gave you? Coffee Gator’s canister actually solves a scientific problem, that’s why! Coffee, like houseplants, emits CO2. But feeding it oxygen and light erodes the flavor. There’s a special button (along with a few replacements to swap out once a year or so) that acts as a one-way valve. You wipe the canister gently, dry it thoroughly. Don’t get the valve wet and don’t allow any moisture to remain inside when you fill it up with coffee.

Additionally, the top of the canister has dual date dials that you can set to remind when your coffee needs to be used by. If your package doesn’t say or you just don’t know, call up your coffee supplier for guidance.

The Pour Over Coffee Maker Set comes in 3 cup or 5 cup sizes. It contains a “tough” borosilicate carafe and a paperless, reusable coffee filter. How green! Coffee Gator’s website gives guidance on using the set, but it’s really super easy. So, does it all make a difference? It truly does! I noticed all kinds of hidden flavor notes in my favorite blend, with herbal nuances and hints of licorice. It was a wholly palate awakening experience. This set prevent your coffee from “stewing” and allows more of the delicate coffee oils to pass into your cup.

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