Prost: Cecil County, Md.’s new German restaurant

When Baltimore was in its infancy, German was the predominant language spoken down at what we now call the Inner Harbor. Many people in this area can still claim a German heritage, yet oddly enough, it’s getting harder and harder to find German food. Just an hour north of the city, near the other side of the Susquehanna River, Port Deposit has a new German restaurant: Prost. It just opened in March. It’s appropriately located next to what was the historic Cummings Tavern during the Revolutionary War. “Prost” is the Bavarian dialect for “cheers”. The owners of Prost are both Bavarian themselves, so rest assured that this is an authentic menu. Food is cooked to order in the traditional style.

Tamar Fleishman

The inside of the restaurant — come as you are — is built to resemble a Bavarian bier stube. There’s an accordion player in traditional Bavarian dress and all the servers, both male and female, are similarly costumed. The tables consist of wooden tables and benches.

There’s a good selection of German beers and wines, as well as a German soda, Spezi. Spezi is a combination of cola and orange.

The menu predominantly features pork recipes, such as sausages and Jager-Schnitzel, but you can also get sauerbraten (beef), roast chicken and fish. Beginners to German cuisine might like to try the salad sampler — chef’s various inventions of the day plus a green salad in the center — or a sausage sampler. A light appetizer that’s good for this hot weather is the Black Forest ham served with fresh German rye bread.

Traditional German pastries are available for dessert, though the night I was there, Black Forest Cake was not on the menu.

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