Private club dining at Vermont’s Stratton Mountain Club: Luna [classic article]

Well, I certainly had to celebrate my first time skiing with a special dinner, didn’t I? Well, there’s probably not a more genteel environment than Stratton Mountain Club’s Luna. I was glad to be hosted to experience it! Dress for dinner is on the dressy-business dress side.

Private club dining at Vermont’s Stratton Mountain Club: Luna
Tamar Alexia Fleishman, Esq.

Since it’s a private club, most people know each other (except for their guests). That provides for an intimate atmosphere! Windows look out onto the ski runs.

With the chilly Vermont winter weather, it was great to be near a blazing hearth fire. Après-ski tradition demands a cocktail to start things off. They do some interesting things, mixologist-wise and if you like sweet drinks, they have a local maple liqueur, as well as local vodka and gin.

I started with an appetizer of local bacon covered dates. If you crave the sweet aspect of dates and don’t want something too rich to start, the dates had a tissue paper thin wrapping of bacon. If you love bacon, you might wish there were more. Some of my dinner companions ordered a local beet, arugula and yogurt salad — it looked beautiful.

They carry a very exclusive beef, which was too tempting to pass up! Brandt 21 day aged Wagyu Boneless Ribeye is tender, well marbled and a generous portion at 14 oz. Part of it made for a delectable midnight snack! It was served with foraged mushrooms, also garnishing some of the other dishes. Since foraging is unpredictable, you might find yourself psychically willing some rare morels over to your plate from your neighbor’s, while your neighbor is possibly equally envious of you! Well, I like to think that’s what happens, anyway. The dish normally comes with pureed potatoes — that I hear from my dining companions is pretty divine. For photo interest, etc., I tried the Duchesse potatoes!

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